TFD Supplies

TFD Supplies in our division that sells physical goods of all shapes and sizes to locations all over the world.

The main web presence of TFD Supplies is  However, TFD Supplies also sells using eBay and Amazon.

There are 2 main reasons one might choose to shop at TFD Supplies

  1. The price – Believe it or not, things at is cheaper than eBay and Amazon. This is due to the main fact that eBay and Amazon take a fee for selling.  Avoiding that fee means that you have a lower price.
  2. Fast shipping from Illinois – Many people have noticed that when shopping online you may have to way weeks for your product to arrive.  That is simply not acceptable.  We ship out within 1 business day – fast and free.

TFD Supplies is also the main contributor to our Earbuds for Education initiative.

Visit TFD Supplies today.